Friday, January 10, 2014

new year new hair

Thought I could cut my own hair
New Years Eve at Grand Park, Los Angeles

I have always been one to cut their own hair. I always thought I could do a good enough job just like any hairdresser, which is where I was wrong. I've always had long hair and I was slowly cutting it, myself of course, when I realized that it was a terrible mistake and my hair was completely uneven. I decided to trust a student from the beauty school of Marinello, plus they only charge five bucks a cut and couldn't pass that deal! The guy who cut my hair is named Ken, super nice guy and he is graduating in a month, so good luck Ken! I asked him to cut it short and add as many layers as needed to add volume because my hair is straight and unpleasantly flat. It turned out great, I love that I can just wake up and not bother styling it too much. I'm sure you can tell that in the last photo my hair has way more volume than before.

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